Water Bear Ltd

Interim technology management for large media organisations.

The Water Bear, or Tardigrade, is one of nature's true marvels. Though barely visible to the naked eye, the small and unassuming Water Bear is the most adaptable and resilient organism ever, having survived on earth for 530 million years through all 5 mass extinction events.

The Water Bear functions effectively in the harshest of environments, surviving radiation, boiling temperatures up to 150°C, freezing temperatures below -200°C, pressures of up to six times the deepest part of the ocean, and even the vacuum of space without any protection.

Adaptable. Resilient. Effective.

Managing technology change can get tough - and complicated. Sometimes your starting point isn't always ideal. When looking for help, you need to be sure your team can adapt to the conditions, and that consultants can stick it out when the going gets tough.

The Water Bear consultancy has over two decades of experience managing digital change in large organisations, bringing industry-specific understanding of the delivery landscape and the necessary flexibility to adapt working practices as required.

The aim is simply to ensure that the right thing happens, at the right time, for the right reason - and with the minimum of fuss.




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